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Because I'm crazy

I have nothing better to do

Junkie Murderer
27 August 1984
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Don't let the name fool you. I don't kill junkies. I don't like them very much, but that's no reason to kill someone. No, the name is a logical reversal of the name I once used on Xbox Live; Murder Junkie. When the system linked to that name was stolen however, I went with my current name; Junkie Murderer. My original name you can be led by all you like; I love to see people get killed. Murder sim games are the best part of my day. Manhunt makes me squeal like a schoolgirl over the local manslut.

This makes me a sick, sick person. I'll probably rot in hell when I die. But as I'll be going to the level of hell reserved for others like myself, perhaps I'll find someone to have pleasant conversations with. (You gotta think outside the box sometimes, see the positive side of a bad situation.) Not a bad way to spend eternity, though I've heard tell heaven has a library containing every book ever written. Which means heaven has alot of porn to read. Either way is win-win, and if there IS no afterlife, at least I won't be around to regret anything.

Aside from having an unhealthy fascination with seeing people die and killing virtual persons in horrific and often painful ways, I'm told I'm a nice person. A little sarcastic sometimes, maybe...

No, really, I am considered nice. Just keep me away from knives, wrenches, children, and fire, and we'll get along just fine. Oh, and if I seem bitter for no reason, or am acting like a five year old tweaking on pixistix, it's probably because of my medication. (There is a reason why I haven't acted out my fantasies, after all.) My pills keep me a pleasant, if bipolar, individual. If I stopped taking them, I'd be very unpleasant. Well... if I didn't die from the withdrawal, anyway.