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21st-Oct-2010 10:48 pm(no subject)
I hate the mobile interface...
15th-Jun-2010 06:38 am - Sleep: The Art of Being Tired [seep]
Think I'm getting the hang of things...

I feel more like myself when I've missed a lot of sleep. Does that sound odd? I like that relaxed, dopey feeling..!

Really need to write more of that story! Maybe doodle a bit?

I thought everybody was like this, with a multitude of "inner selves," each distinct but still ME. A fangirl who squeals in delight, a monster who quietly contemplates killing my family... Does no one else compartmentalize their thoughts and feelings? It's always made sense to me...

6th-Jan-2010 09:44 am - Art [art, rant]
I think it's safe for me to say... my muse isn't coming back. That little doodle embodying my creativity is gone.

He's been gone since I started being so heavily medicated. Now that I'm addicted to the stuff (and have gotten so used to having self control) I'm not sure it's worth it. I haven't done anything worth showing in well over a year. I'm lucky to drag out a lopsided sketch every other month...

Therapy is helping a little. It's not art therapy (that'd be pointless at best, painful at worst) but it's something...

It's really my own damned fault, not being able to keep my mouth shut. I just enjoy creeping people out too much. Fuck, why did I have to do that? Pills and pills and a trip to the doc every week and maybe some day I'll be able to pick up a pencil without it hurting, without feeling so guilty.

I could be truly happy again, if only I could draw...

That'd be nice.
I went off on an indignant fangirl rant, so I put it here.

Dear character designers for Transformers: Animated;

I hate you with a fury only a true fan can feel!Collapse )
Hoping you'll kindly die and rot in hell,
A Starscream fangirl who's finally expressing her seething hatred.

PS: The focus of our obsession is a half-mad egomaniac with delusions of grandeur, striving and plotting to steal leadership away from the epitome of evil himself, so he can command an army of decidedly vile robots. Why did you change him??
30th-Mar-2008 12:12 pm(no subject) [boredom]
Bored bored bored bored BORED...

I need to find some way to get MSN working... I need to talk to people, before I go insane. Start talking to myself... Though this is a close written approximation of doing just that.


Imma go play me some Manhunt, or something.

Kill people in gruesome and yummy ways.


After editing the layout for this piece of crap.
23rd-Dec-2007 11:39 am - Odd... [americans, drama, encyclopedia]
While reading Encyclopedia Dramatica, I actually became mildly upset. The page on Canadians is very insulting. Almost hurtful. None of the other pages upset me, even ones that openly mocked my lifestyle and the things I enjoy. But this one put a sour feeling in my gut... Is this how furries feel when they read the page(s) dedicated to them..? No, no I think they get far more dramatic... Though I do want to hurt the ones who wrote that page.

Perhaps it's just because I love being Canadian. As such, I doubt I'd ever actually hurt someone for such a reason. I do have some restraint. I'm Canadian. We're known world wide for our peaceful ways.

And after all, it was probably written by an American. It's not their fault they don't know any better.

I feel much so better now. I'm glad I signed up for this!
15th-Dec-2007 06:14 am - Emote [art, icons]
Second entry.

I'm making mood icons for this thing... May as well take advantage of the feature, right? I only have the basics so far, but I can make more as I go. Very simple little things, nothing to brag over.

Bland, even...

15th-Dec-2007 03:13 am - Ahem
First entry.

Rejoice, for I have joined the masses.
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